Add a new storage group in Mainconsole

Add a new storage group in Mainconsole


In Mainconsole it is possible to create "storage groups" consisting of disks of different size. You are able to store specific cameras into one group and other cameras to another group. This not only enhances the flexibility and also increases total disk throughput effectively. Please refer to the steps below:


1.Please go to Mainconsole Setting > Storage Setting.

- Create new storage groups by clicking the "+" icon.

- Add a path ("location") of a different disk to the new storage group.

2.Please go to the "Record Group" tab. All cameras are recorded in the first storage group by default.

- Please select the cameras of interest.

- Please let the 1st video stream ("Record 1" ) stored to the new storage group. (You can also change storage group for "Record 2" and "edge record" streams.)


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