[Mainconsole/NVRmin2/Solo] Why the "no video" icon shows on playback?

Why always indicate the icon when on playback?


1. No video recording during the period of time.

1. 當時沒有任何錄影檔可以回放。

2. It is the specification of Remote Playback which can play around maximum 10 to 11 channels 2MP, 1Mbps, 30fps at the same time (we tested it on Intel Core i7-4790@3.60 GHz, the CPU loading is under 80%). If the playback channels are higher than the spec, Remote playback will stop to playback some channels to make sure the system stability.

2. 與NUUO Remote Playback所需求的電腦配備規格有關,同一時間NUUO Remote Playback支援大約10至11個兩百萬畫素解析度、1Mbps固定碼流以及30影格率的影像同時回放 (我們測試過使用了Intel Core i7-4790@3.60 GHz的CPU的電腦,此時電腦效能約莫落在80% CPU使用率)。如果同時回放的攝影機數量超過NUUO Remote Playback所需求的電腦配備規格時,為了維持系統穩定,NUUO Remote Playback會針對部分攝影機停止回放。


1. Check the recording mode

1. 檢查NVR所設定及使用的錄影模式

  • For always record, check the cameras were disconnected or not during the period of time.
  • 若使用了持續錄影模式,請檢查攝影機在當時是否曾斷線過。
  • For event record, if the event didn't occur in the period of time, it is normal. 
  • 若使用了事件錄影模式,如果當下並沒有任何被觸發的事件,不顯示任何回放畫面且在NUUO Remote Playback的該攝影機對應視窗出現小圖標時,這樣是正常的。

2. Reduce the number of channels on playback.

2. 降低回放時所要同時顯示的攝影機數量。

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