How to connect with NuFace (Crystal)

1. Activate Nu-Connection license in Crystal.

2. Enable Metadata server via NuClient or Installation Wizard.

3. Create a volume then click "Metadata Server > Properties> Storage Volume" to assign it to Metadata server to save the metadata from NuFace.

4. Download NuFace plugin from NUUO Website. Select "Metadata Server > Plugin Overview", click "Add" icon, choose the downloaded NuFace plug-in.

5. Click "Add" icon then select correct types according to the image below. Please note the port number is "4098" for NuFace v2.0 and above. Click "Test" button to ensure the connection is working.

6. Click "Metadata channel" to adjust "channel ID". Please note the "channel ID" should be "0" for the first camera in the NuFace application.

7. Please remember to create a tag filter as below image, and the associated camera. You also can download tag filter from NUUO Website.


8. The result of face recognition will be displayed on Crystal NuClient. If you cannot see the metadata, please check the "Display metadata channel" is selected.


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