[Mainconsole] Hybrid Mainconsole keep rebooting


Hybrid Mainconsole can be logged in but cannot see live view, only record status icon can be displayed. After a few minutes, Mainconsole will restart itself automatically.


Root Cause

1. DVR card receive the noise signal from analog camera or doesn't receive any video more than 30 seconds, Mainconsole will reboot itself to reload the DVR card.

Note: This mechanism is applied to SCB-6000/7000 and SCB-6000S/7000S series only.

2. The DVR card or PCIe slot is faulty.



1. Please follow below steps to solve this issue:

Step 1: Check "HwStretchDVRShell.log" in Hybrid Mainconsole log folder. If it shows "ReloadDevice!!" with channel number (ex: ch=27), it means the corresponding channel sent noise or didn't send video to DVR card. 

Note: The actual channel number in the log is "channel number -1". For example, ch=27 means channel 26, ch=1 means channel 1, and so forth.

Step 2: Please remove the camera source of this channel or disable it on Mainconsole.

2. Please refer to [Mainconsole] Distorted live view on Hybrid Mainconsole to realize how to check the hardware components are faulty or not.

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