How to setup NCS Matrix?

How to setup NCS Matrix?

NCS matrix can be installed on the same computer with NCS server or in different one. If you need to know about NCS matrix PC requirement, you can refer to and find recommendation in Client PC Specification.

  1. In matrix client part, after installing NCS Matrix and then executing NCS_Matrix.exe please click option to add a matrix instance first.

  2. Select a matrix instance to start it and then you will see black screen by default.
    (The configuration icons show only when you move mouse to bottom right corner.)

  3. Switch to CMS part, enable edit mode and add matrix under configuration toolbar.
  4. Fill in matrix name, IP address and port, and then test matrix connection first. If test successfully, you can click “OK” to finish adding.
  5. Select matrix you just added and then click “Login matrix”.
  6. After login, you can set layout as you desire.
  7. Then drag the cameras to matrix grids. (Please note that you have disabled edit mode.)
  8. You will see matrix live view as you set.
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