Cannot view live view on Safari browser

Symptom :
After operating live view in MAC Safari, it returns with the following message on the live view windows.

Cause :
If user didn’t add NVR IP address in the trust website list, they might encounter this kind of situation.
Please follow below steps to add NVR IP address in Safari trust side.
Step 1: Please go to the safari Preferences setting.

Step 2: And then go to the Security --->Internet plug-ins. Click "Plug-in Settings..."

Step 3: The "Currently Open Websites" list will pop up. Press "Option" key on your MAC keyboard. 

Note: If you're using a keyboard made for Windows PCs, use the Alt key instead of Option. (refer to Apple Inc. official website Mac keyboard shortcuts)

Step 4:Select "On" and uncheck "Run in Safe Mode".

Step 5: Please click "Trust" to add your server IP as trust site.

Step 6: Click "Done" to finish the setting.

Step 7: Refresh the web and the Security Warning message will pop up. Click "Allow' to access Java from the website. The live view/playback would be able to display accordingly.

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