Cannot login Live view and Play back (NVRsolo/mini2/Solo_Plus/Mainconsole)

Remote Live view and Remote Play back cannot be connected.

Live streaming server can not be connected

Remote playback server can not be connected

1. Network disconnect or Network Setting error.

2. Live Streaming / Remote Playback service may not Start. (MainConsole only)

3. Account / Password incorrect or account without remote access privilege .

4. The Black/ White List setting may block you from login Liveview & Playback.



1. Please check Network status and setting on both server and client side.

2. Please go to MainConsole Network Service setting and Start service.

3. Please check account password and privilege in User Account Setting.



Mini2/Solo/Solo Plus

4. Please uncheck your Black/ White List or configure the Black/ White List properly. 


Mini2/Solo/Solo Plus


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