Why NVR shows abnormal shutdown log? 


Why NVR shows abnormal shutdown log? 

為何NVR會在系統紀錄裡顯示abnormal shutdown的紀錄?

[Root Cause]

The NVR was shut down suddenly instead of normal power off procedure. Such as press power button, plug-out power cord and so on. Below are the possible reasons:


1. The power cord or power supply issue

1. 電源線或是電源供應器本身的問題

2. The power source is unstable

2. 供電來源不穩

3. Someone force shutdown the NVR 

3. NVR被強制斷電



1. Exchange the power cord and power supply and make sure they connect to the NVR tight.

1. 請更換電源線或是電源供應器,同時確保接線都正確且緊密的接合。

2. Check the power source is compatible with the NVR spec and has stable voltage / ampere. If this issue is still remains, please follow below steps to setup UPS in your NVR:

2. 請確認供電來源所提供的電力能提供足夠且穩定的電壓/電流,且相容於NVR的規格需求。如果經過確認之後問題還是依舊存在時,請透過以下步驟架設並設定NVR接上一台不斷電系統(UPS):

  • Step 1: Check the supported UPS model is in NVR compatible list.
  • 步驟一:從NVR的相容性清單中確認並挑選NVR支援的不斷電系統(UPS)。
  • Step 2: Connect the NVR with your UPS system as below diagram.
  • 步驟二:依據下方提供的簡圖架設NVR連接不斷電系統(UPS)。
  • Check the UPS status on "System Settings>APC UPS". Setup "Power Failure Action".
  • 請前往NVR的Web服務器提供的網頁設定服務,進到"系統>系統設定>APC UPS"頁面,並設定"電源失效"相應的處置設定。

3. Double check with your staff and hide the power cord in a hidden place.

3. 請再次與相關人員確認並把NVR的電源線收納好。

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