How to check my HDD is compatible with NUUO NVR or not?


How to check my HDD is compatible with NUUO NVR or not?


Go to "NUUO website > Product" to select the NVR product then select "Compatible list" to find out the Hard Drive part to check the supported HDD model. For example, to find out the Crystal compatible HDD model:


  • NUUO recommends system designers choose Enterprise grade or Surveillance grade drives to ensure high storage stability and performance. 
  • Green series hard drives should never be used with NUUO recorders to avoid data lost due to long
    wake up time from a sleeping drive.
  • Consumer desktop series hard drives should be avoided with NUUO recorders because it's suitable for 8x5 environments only. It's different from your surveillance needs.
  • If the disk doesn’t list in the compatible list, we strongly recommend to replace it to the compatible one. If you have a project need to use the specific HDD model but it doesn't list in our compatible list, please contact your region sales to describe your project detail then see if we can test the HDD model with our NVR to ensure the compatibility.
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