[Crystal/Titan] Why some disks are disappeared but show "Disk 9(eSATA)" in the volume?


We create Volume 2 with disk 5,6,7,8. One day the volume 2 disappeared suddenly. After reboot NVR, it show disk 5, 6 and 9 (eSATA), cannot see disk 7 and 8 and we also didn't connect any eSATA device.

[Root Cause]

In old edition SATA card, there are two cards responsible for disk 6 to eSATA. System will assign the number to each SATA port in the SATA card follow the sequence. For example, 7 = disk6, 8 = eSATA, 9 = disk7, and so on.

1st SATA card: disk6(7) and eSATA(8)

2nd SATA card: disk7(9) and disk8(10)

If the 1st SATA card is faulty, system will recognize the 2nd SATA card as 1st SATA card and assign number 7 and 8 to disk7 and disk8. It will lead to the disk 7 and 8 be recognized as disk 6 and eSATA as below:

2nd SATA card: disk7(7) and disk8(8)


Step 1: Contact us via Zendesk and provide Team viewer or public IP and open the SSH port 22 and 8895 of the Crystal unit to us. Our FAE will help you to double check the SATA card status.

Step 2: Once our FAE confirm that the SATA card is faulty, our sales will contact you and provide the quote of the SATA card to you.

Step 3: Once you get the SATA card, please follow the attached document to replace SATA card.


1. The issue may occur on Crystal 8 bay model and CT-8000IP which use the old edition SATA card. 

2. NH-4500 also have SATA card but so far we didn't provide the spare part for client. If you ensure the SATA card is faulty, please contact NUUO tech support directly then we will help you to launch RMA procedure.

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