[Crystal] When activate license, it shows "Server is busy now"


“Server is busy” message is shown when trying to activate a license. “Error code 11” (license has been activated” is shown when you give it another try, however the license is never activated successfully in the Crystal.

Root Cause

The Crystal cannot connect to license server. Below are the possible reasons:

1. You didn't use LAN 1 port as WAN interface.
2. You didn't set up correct Primary DNS.
3. The network environment blocked license server or port 443.


1. Please kindly make sure you setup LAN1 as WAN interface. (only the LAN1 is able to connect license server)
2. Please make sure you have set correct Primary DNS. You can setup it as common public DNS such as Google DNS or

3. Please do not block "Port 443" or "licence.nuuo.com" in your network environment.
4. If there is no way to connect your NVR to the Internet, please use Offline Activation/Transfer to Activate/Transfer your licenses.

Offline Activation: How to do the Offline Activation in Crystal?
Offline Transfer: How to do the Offline Transfer in Crystal

If this issue still persist, please send a mail to express@nuuo.com or raise a ticket on our Zendesk.
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