[Mainconsole] Distorted live view on Hybrid Mainconsole


Hybrid Mainconsole display "No Video" or show white/grey background on the grid.


Hybrid Mainconsole 顯示 "無影像" 或在網格上顯示白色/灰色背景。


Root Cause

It most like hardware faulty such as below items:

1. Video source (analog camera)

2. Video cable

3. PCIe slot

4. DVR card



它最有可能是硬體故障, 如以下項目:

1. 影像來源 (類比攝影機)

2. 影像線

3. PCIe 插槽

4. DVR 卡


Please follow below steps to do cross-test for each hardware componenets:

1. Replace the problematic camera to another camera which show the good image. If this issue is still remains, please go to next step to check "Video cable".

2. Replace the problematic channel's video cable to another one could output good image. If the issue is still remains, please go to next part to check "PCIe Slot".

3. Please follow below instructions to check "PCIe Slot"

Step 1: Install only one DVR card at a time, and see if each card is working good individually.

Step 2: Move one good DVR card to a different PCIe slot, and see if each of the PCIe slots is healthy.

If this issue is still remain, please go to next part to check "DVR card".

4. Replace the DVR card and install the new card in the PC. If this issue is still remains, it meas the DVR cad is faulty. Please contact us via Zendesk or send a mail to express@nuuo.com, we will help you to check the warranty of this DVR card and launch RMA process for this case.




1. 將有問題的攝影機更換為另一台顯示良好影像的攝影機。如果此問題仍然存在, 請轉到下一步以檢查 "影像傳輸線"。

2. 將有問題的頻道的影像傳輸線替換為另一個可以輸出良好的影像的。如果問題仍然存在, 請轉到下一部分以檢查 "PCIe 插槽"。

3. 請按照以下說明檢查 "PCIe 插槽"

步驟 1: 一次只安裝一個 DVR 卡, 看看每張卡是否工作正常。

步驟 2: 將一個好的 DVR 卡移動到不同的 PCIe 插槽, 並查看每個 PCIe 插槽是否正常。

如果此問題仍然存在, 請轉到下一部分以檢查 "DVR 卡"。

4. 更換 DVR 卡並在 PC 機上安裝新卡。如果這個問題仍然存在, 它會使 DVR cad 出現故障。請通過 Zendesk 與我們聯繫或發送郵件到 express@nuuo.com express@nuuo. com, 我們將説明您檢查此 DVR 卡的保修和啟動 RMA 過程中的這一情況。

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