How to replace a management server?

Please always export management server configuration when camera installation is done. It is vital to have a configuration backup to recover the management server. Without the configuration backup, there will be no way to restore the camera list, and playback video will be impossible.



The client uses a standalone Crystal management server and several pure recording servers. How to playback video in the recording servers when the management server is down?



To playback video in the recording servers, you will need to prepare a new management server, and restore the camera list. Please see below for explanations:

(1) Prepare a new management server.
It is a must to add the recording servers to a new management server such that you could playback video footage. You could either find a new Crystal machine, or pick a recording server and enable the management server function on it. However there is no original camera configuration in the new management server. You will have to import the original configuration to recover the camera list.

(2) Import the original management server configuration to recover camera list.
You will need to have the management server configuration backup. If there is no configuration backup, you cannot recover the camera list and cannot playback video. 
If the configuration backup is available, please import the config file into the new management server.



Please see step by step instructions in the attachment. (NUUO_Crystal_3.4.x_Server_Replacing_Procedure_20171121.pdf)


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