ezNUUO error: Tested server ID failed.


An error message "Tested server ID failed" was displayed when clicking "Test" button on the web page of NVRsolo/NVRsolo plus.


The NVR cannot connect to the ezNUUO server.


(1) Please check if you can connect to the internet (for example www.google.com) by using a PC in the same LAN of the NVR. If not, please consult your IT administrator.

(2) Please go to web page of the NVR, and enter correct DNS settings. For example, please enter
Please also make sure the selected "internet interface(WAN)" is connected with the internet.

(3) Please try to test ezNUUO ID again. If still no luck, please:
  (a) Reset NVR ports to its default values. (please see Default ports)
  (b) Remove port forwarding settings on the router, and restart router.


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