[3rd party] Why cannot connect to POS via SCB-C31A?

The NVR software cannot receive the metadata via C31A Box from the POS machine.
[Root cause]
1. The problem on C31A box
(1) The DIP switch on the C31A box was set wrong (please refer to the solution 1.1)
(2) The C31A box is out of order itself (please refer to the solution 1.2)
(3) The serial number of C31A Box is incorrect (please refer to the solution 2.2-1)
2. Some network issues (network cable, PC, IP setting)
(1) IP conflict (please refer to the solution 2.1-1)
(2) Other network problem, such as network cable, PC (please refer to the solution 2.1-2)
3. The problem between C31A box and POS
(1) The setting on C31A box is not mapping to the setting of POS (please refer to the solution 2.2-2)
4. If all the above steps is in vain, please reset the C31A box (please refer to the solution 3)
First, we need to check if there are something wrong between the C31A box and your PC
Please download the SCB manager (a search tool to check the status of SCB-C31A box)
Open the software first, and check if the SCB-C31A box is found on the search result.
1. Connect your C31A Box directly to the PC, and check if the SCB Manager can find the C31A Box
If the SCB Manager CANNOT find it, please follow the below steps
(1.1) [Set and relaunch your C31A box]
(1) Turn off the C31A box (Remove the power cord)
(2) Make sure both the DIP switch on your C31A box are switched to down, as the following picture.
(3) Connect the network cable
(4) Turn on the power of your C31A box
(5) Check if the SCB Manager can find the C31A Box. 
(1.2) If the SCB Manager still CANNOT find the C31A Box, try another PC to do the same procedure from 1.1. If it is still not found, please contact us on eHelpDesk to run the RMA process.
2. If the SCB Manager can find it, but its "Status" is "Not connected", check if the web is accessible by inputting the "IP Address" from the SCB Manager on the browser
(2.1) If the web CANNOT be accessed or can only be accessed FROM TIME TO TIME, it's the network problem. Try to ping the IP address on your command line, and there are some possible problems:
(1) IP Conflict
In this case, you can ping the IP address
Sometimes the C31A cannot be connected because this IP is conflicted with other network devices.
Please reset the static IP and setup to DHCP mode to ensure the unique IP and prevent the IP conflict.
(2) Network problem
In this case, you CANNOT ping the IP address
The possible reason is that the IP address of the C31A box is not in the accessible network segment.
Or there are network issues between your PC and the C31A box. In this case, please contact the IT staff.
(2.2) If the web is accessible, then check the setting on C31A Box
(1) Check if the serial number of SCB-C31A is 00814
If the serial number of SCB-C31A is incorrect, please contact us on eHelpDesk.
(2) Check if there are something wrong between the C31A box and POS machine
Here is the troubleshooting to check if the setting on the POS machine is correct.
Besides, please make sure the C31A parameters from the web page is set as same as the POS machine.
If you don't know the setting of POS machine, please contact the POS vendor to get this information.
3. If all the steps from the solution 2 is in vain, please reset the C31A box
Please kindly to be informed that C31A doesn't have the hardware default setting.
The only way to reset the C31A box (Factory default setting) is on the web. Click the "Default" button to load the , then click "Save" button.
After reset the C31A box, please go back to the 2.2-2 to make sure the C31A parameters from the web page is set as same as the POS machine.
If it is still not working, please contact us on eHelpDesk and describe your problem.
4. Final Checking
After finishing all of the above steps, please try to connect it again from the NVR software.
And please make sure the IP and port are set correctly on the NVR software.
If it still cannot connect to POS via SCB-C31A, please use the eHelpDesk to contact us.
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