Why CPU loading is reaching 100%?


When using Mainconsole, CPU loading might be reaching 100% due to high resource request.


CPU request over CPU resource is mainly coming from:

  1. Hardware specs does not meet with minimum requirements
  2. High decoding request on local display
  3. High transcoding request on Remote Live Viewer
  4. Extra streams are decoding for Smart Guard / IVS
  5. Other issues such as H.264 high profile settings from cameras

Possible solutions

  1. Please refer to this wiki: How to find the suitable hardware specification?
  2. Please refer to this wiki: How to use Multi-stream function in v5.0 and above to reduce decoding request on local display?
  3. Please refer to this wiki: How to use Multi-stream function in Mainconsole to avoid transcoding request in Remote Live Viewer?
  4. After enabling Multi-stream function in cameras (please refer to this wiki: How to enable Multi-Stream function for local display?), if user chooses different streams for local display and [Profile for analysis] under [Stream Profile] configuration, then Mainconsole will be forced to decode two streams from one camera and lead to higher CPU loading. Please check [General Setting] --> [Setting]-->[System Setting]-->[Camera] Tag-->Choose one camera-->[Stream Profile]
  5. For H.264 setting on camera's webpage, please use "H.264 baseline profile" rather than "H.264 high profile". "H264 high Profile" will give users higher quality of image and lower bitrate, however it will consume a lot of CPU resource due to its complex algorithm. 
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