Why there is no INPUT singals from A08?


1.Use the searching tool "SCB Manager" to detect the informations of SCB-A08:

   Dowanload Link of searching tool: please click here

1.Use. 搜索工具 "SCB manager" 檢測 SCB-A08 的資訊:

Dowanload 搜索工具連結: 請點擊這裡


 2.You have to check the IP Address, Port are correct,and the MODBUS UID and Address ID are corresponding: 

2.您必須檢查 IP 位址、埠是否正確, 並且 Modbus 的 UID 和位址 ID 有相對應到:


3.When A08 is well-connected with Mainconsole server (or NVRmini2,NVRsolo,Titan,Crystal),
why there is no INPUT signal from A08 after user triggers INPUT?

3.當 A08 與 Mainconsole 伺服器連接正常 (或 NVRmini2,NVRsolo,Titan,Crystal) ,
   為何使用者觸發輸入後沒有來自 A08 的輸入信號?

Root Cause
  1. Dip Switch Mode is incorrect
  2. Dry/Wet Dip switch on the A08 bottom is inconsistency
  3. Wires are connected to the wrong PINs

1. Dip Switch 模式不正確
2. A08 底部的Dip Switch 開關不一致
3. 電線連接錯了針腳

  1. Dip Switch Mode is incorrect: SW1 and SW2 should be all "OFF"             
    Dip 開關模式不正確: SW1 和 SW2 應全部 "關閉"                      
  2. Dry/Wet Dip switch on the A08 bottom is inconsistency: If user use "dry contact" for the DI1, the dip on the bottom of A08 should be switched to "dry" side. And so is for DI2~8.

    2. A08 底部的Dip Switch 開關不一致: 如果使用者使用 "乾接觸" DI 1, 則 A08 底部的 dip 應改為 "乾" 邊。DI2~8 也是如此。
  3. Wires are connected to the wrong ports/contacts: DI1 should be at PIN2 (the second contact counted from the left hand side). For example, we use "dry contact" in DI1 to demostrate, the wires should be connected in PIN2 and PIN10 (GND PIN), after these two wires are connected, the light of DI1 is ON.

    3. 電線連接到錯誤的埠/接點: DI 1 應該在 PIN2 (第二個接點從左手邊計數)。例如, 我們使用 "乾接觸" 在 DI 1 示範, 導線應該連接在 PIN2 和 PIN10 (地線針腳), 在這兩根導線連接之後, DI 1 的LED 光是 ON。
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