How to set up DDNS in NUUO?

How to set up DDNS in NUUO?

The example shown here is for DynDNS, if you are planning to use other DDNS service, please follow the setup instructions on their websites.


1.  Go to Dyn Wizard

1.  前往Dyn Wizard

2.  Click on 1. Create and confirm an account

2.  請點擊下圖標示1.位置的連結Create and confirm an account

3.  Fill in the required information and select all of the options and click on [Create Account]

3.  請依照指示填據需求的相關資料,同時勾選所有要求勾選的項目,並點擊[Create Account]

4.  Your account should have been successfully created.

4.  你的帳號應當已被創建成功。

5.  Please go to the mailbox you specified in the user information and look for the confirmation email.

5.  請透過你填在user information欄位裡的電子郵件資訊收取認證信件。

6.  Click on the link to confirm your registration

6.  點擊認證信件裡面提供的連結確認。

7.  Login with your account name and password

7.  回到DynDNS網站使用註冊好的帳密訊息登入。

8.  Click on 2. sign up for a trial of DynDNS Pro

8.  請點擊下圖標示2. sign up for a trial of DynDNS Pro

9.  Type in a desired host name and select a domain (e.g.

9.  輸入想要的host name,同時選取一個domain (例如。

10.  Select [Host with IP address] and click on [Use auto detected IP address]

10.  選取 [Host with IP address] 並點擊 [Use auto detected IP address]

11.  Click on [Add to Cart]

11.  點擊 [Add to Cart]

12.  Start NUUO's [Main Console]->[Gerneral Setting]->[System Setting]->[Setting]->[General]->click on [DDNS Service]

12.  啟用NUUO [Mainconsole] ->[一般設定]->[檢視變更系統設定]->[設定]->[基本設定]->點擊[DDNS服務]

13.  Click on [Enable DDNS] and fill in the require information and press [OK] (we recommended leaving the update period to default setting)

13.  點擊[啟用DDNS]並填據相應的資訊,同時點擊[確定](我們建議更新時間間隔的設定使用預設值)。

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