Why do WMVCore.DLL get missing?


Normally, it should install the desktop experience during software installation process because by default the Window Media Player in Windows 2008 server is disable. Under installation process, the user will see a pop up window message to notices user to install desktop experience. In this stage, simply click YES the system will start install desktop experience features automatically. If the user click NO, it will only install software only and without install desktop experience features on OS.

通常, 在一般 windows 軟體安裝過程中, 它應該會自動安裝桌面體驗, 但在預設情況下 Windows 2008 伺服器的視窗媒體播放機則是處於禁用狀態。若使用者在安裝過程中, 看到快顯視窗消息, 通知使用者安裝桌面體驗。在此階段, 只需按一下 "是" 系統將自動開始安裝桌面體驗功能。如果使用者按一下 "否", 它將只安裝軟體, 而不安裝作業系統上的桌面體驗功能。


How to install Desktop Experience, please following these steps:
1. Start Server Manager.
如何安裝桌面體驗, 請按照下列步驟操作:
1. 啟動伺服器管理員。

2. In the details pane, locate the Feature Summary area, and then click Add Features.
2. 在詳細資訊窗格中, 找到功能摘要區域, 然後按一下 "添加功能"。
3. In the Add Features Wizards, click to select the Desktop Experience check box, and then click Next.
3. 在 "添加功能精靈" 中, 按一下以選中 "桌面體驗" 核取方塊, 然後按一下 "下一步"。

4. Click Install.
4. 點擊 安裝

5. After the Desktop Experience feature is installed, click Close to exit the Add Features Wizard, and then click YES to restart the computer.
5. 安裝桌面體驗功能後, 按一下 "關閉" 退出 "添加功能精靈", 然後按一下 "是" 選擇重啟電腦。

6. The installation process will be complete once the computer has restarted.
6. 一旦電腦重新開機, 安裝過程就會完成。
In installing process, customer would see a command prompt window popup on screen for 30 seconds, which indicated successful installation. After completed installation you may have to restart the system as required.
# Reminder 1 :
Please notify user to log in with administrator account, so they can install Mainconsole software and change computer settings.
# Reminder 2 :
In the Windows Server 2012, Desktop Experience is under User Interface and Infrastructure.
在安裝過程中, 客戶將在螢幕上看到命令提示視窗彈出功能表30秒鐘, 這表明安裝成功。安裝完成後, 您可能需要根據需要重新開機系統。

# 提醒 1:
請通知使用者使用管理員帳戶登錄, 以便他們可以安裝 Mainconsole 軟體和更改電腦設置。
# 提醒 2:
在 Windows Server 2012 中, 桌面體驗位於User Interface and Infrastructure 之下。

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