Why do I receive error message when trying to enable network service of Mainconsole?

When trying to start network service, this error message popped up.

It is probably caused by that other application occupied the network port.
It results in that  Mainconsole cannot transmit data through this port number.

There are two solutions as below:
1.     Please change the default port of network service first.
2.     If the port number cannot be changed in your scenario, please follow the instructions below to inspect which program occupied the network port, and then end that process.

(1)   Type this command “netstat - ano” in command window to check which program occupied the specific port. You could find this information on local address.

(2)   Check the PID then open task manager to find the program. If you cannot find the “PID” column in task manager, please click “View” tab to add PID column in task manager window.

(3)   After you found this program, please end this process then try to start the network service again.

Note: If you find out the PID belong to Mainconsole but this error message still exists, please end Maincosnole process then open Mainconsole again, and this issue should be resolved.

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