What is the difference between IMV1-1/3 and Generic Dewarp?


When user adds a fisheye camera to NUUO products, there are two types of lens setting given: IMV1-1/3 and Generic Dewarp. What is the difference?


  1. IMV1-1/3 is for "normal camera with an extra immervision lens", which is a way to make normal camera to become fisheye camera. Here is the Immervision website and a campatible camera list.
  2. Generic Dewarp is for fisheye camera, the lens are already built inside the camera. In camera support list of Mainconsole, you will see a note below the camera model: fisheye camera, which means this camera can use "Generic Dewarp".
  3. Why do we need Generic Dewarp for fisheye cameras? Please check the below images:As you can see the image on the left is the original image for fisheye cameras. This one is hard to identify, since the panoramic view is captured in a circular picture. The other images on the right show the results of dewarping. They are easily identified and have the advantages of the panoramic view.
  4. For more information about Generic Dewarp, please refer to NUUO TECHNICAL QUARTERLY Fisheye Dewarp
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