[Mainconsole][5.1]How to import a CSV file to add cameras?


In Mainconsole 5.1, system allows user to import a CSV file to add cameras:

從Mainconsole 5.1版本開始,系統允許透過匯入ㄧ個CSV檔案的方式新增攝影機:

1.  Create a CSV file with below columns: (please don't use column headers in your CSV file)
1.  創建一個新的CSV檔案,並包含有下幾個欄位:(請不要在CSV檔案裡使用欄位標題)
Camera Name IP address Port number Username  Password Protocol Camera vendor Mode name
Axis M1054 80 root pass http axis m1054

2. Download a CSV file for example: here

2. 從後面連結下載ㄧ個CSV檔案範例:這裡

3. The import file doesn't support DNS or RTSP syntax

3. 用來匯入的CSV檔案不支援使用DNS或是RTSP的語法。

4. Except Camera name, Username, Password, each column must be filled out.

4. 除了Camera name、Username以及Password這幾個欄位之外,其他都必須填值。

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