Why can't I see the live view page in IE 11?


Inside Internet Explorer 11 browser, after connecting to Client Web access, the server setting page is working without any problem but the Liveview page or the Playback page is not working or just hangs without response.
Below picture is an example of Crystal Titan that shows a white screen and is not able to be used.

在 Explorer 11 瀏覽器中, 連接到用戶端 Web 訪問後, 伺服器設定頁面操作沒有任何問題, 但即時查看影像或播放影像不工作或沒有回應。下面的圖片是Crystal Titan 的一個例子, 顯示一個白色的畫面, 無法使用。


If you are using IE 11 and have not configure the Compatibility View settings, then you may encounter this kind of problem.

如果您使用 IE 11 並且沒有設定相容性檢視設置, 那麼您可能會遇到此類問題。


Please kindly follow the below workaround to be able to watch live view.
1. Click the Setting icon and click the Compatibility View settings.

請按照下面的解決方法, 以能夠觀看即時影像。
1. 按一下設置圖示, 然後按一下相容性檢視設置。

2. And add this IP address to compatibility view.

2. 並將此 IP 位址添加到相容性檢視。

3. Now re log in to your unit and then you wil be able to watch live view images.

3. 現在重新登錄到您的裝置, 然後您將能夠觀看即時影像。

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