How does recording failover work in Crystal Titan?


In NUUO Crystal™ version 2.1.0, we added the recording failover feature. How does this feature work?


The recording failover feature can be recognized as three levels :

  1. Volume failover - if one volume fails, the management server will assign the channels of this volume to other volumes in the same volume group and proceed recording.

  2. Volume group failover - if one volume fails, and there is no available volume in its volume group, the recording will be switched to other volume group under the same recording server.

  3. Recording server failover - if one volume fails and  there is no available volume group in its recording server, or the server is disconnected, the recording failover server will be triggered, and take over the recording job

Please notice that all the situations above can be set as event to trigger action and notify users.

You may also refer to our instruction video :

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