How to set up NuMatrix (video wall) in Crystal Titan?


Crsytal Titan supports video wall which is called NuMatrix. In this article, we'll guide you how to setup NuMatrix in Crystal Titan.


1. Kindly open NuMatrix application in your PC.
  a. Choose the Matrix instance name you want to view.
  b. Click "OK".
  c. By default, it will display a black screen, as you haven’t assigned any live view feed for this Matrix yet.

2. Log in to your Management Server with NuClient and follow the below steps:

  a. Add Matrix in Management Server: "2".
  b. Go to the "Config" tab and choose the "Physical" icon.
  c. Select "Matrix" in the file tree and press the "+" icon to add a new Matrix.
  d. Input Name, Description, IP Address (of the NuMatrix application) and the Port number.
  e. Select the number of monitors for this Matrix. Click on "Test matrix" button to check if the Matrix is available or not.

  f. Go to "Live View" tab and select "Matrix Monitor" --> Click "Connect" button to connect.
  g. Select the "Monitor". 
  h. Choose a "Matrix Profile" for this Matrix.
  i. Select a "View" for this Matrix.

3. Now, you are able to see the live view on the NuMatrix.

To calculate the hardware requirement of NuMatrix, visit our NuCalculator at:

For more references, we have a video library at:
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