How much time does it require to resume recording upon volume failure?


In NUUO Crystal™ version (v3.5), if there is a volume failure (for example, due to HDD I/O error), the system will automatically assign another volume to store the video data. But how much time does it require to resume recording?


The required time would be:

Volume failure timeout detection (2 minutes in worst case) +

+ Recording Service restart time (28 seconds) +

+ Initialize all devices (0.52 seconds per channel) +

+ Repairing index (0 second, index repairing running in background) =

= Total time


For example, if the NUUO Crystal™ has 32 channels recording volume failure, it will take about :

Volume failure timeout detect timeout (2 mins) + Recording Service restart time (28 secs) + Initialize all devices (0.52 secs x 32) = 2 minutes 45 seconds.


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