How can I use ping command to check camera accessibility?



The main purpose for using ping command on checking camera accessibility is to:

1.  Find if there is any IP address conflict issue happening.

2.  Find if the camera is accessible.



1.  Mainconsole

    1-1.  Disconnect camera

    1-2.  Run "Command Line" application

    1-3.  Ping camera IP address

        1-3-1.  IP address conflict

        1-3-2.  Re-connect camera back and run process 1-3

            1-3-2-1.  Camera in different LAN

            1-3-2-2.  Camera factory default

                1-3-2-2-1.  Contact camera vendor if failed

                1-3-2-2-2.  Network re-adjustment if seeing "Request timed out"

                1-3-2-2-3.  Contact us

2.  Crystal/Mini2/Solo/Solo_Plus

    2-1.  setup a PC

    2-2.  Run process 1-1 through 1-3




1.  For Mainconsole product:

    1-1.  Please firstly disconnect the IP camera from the switch.


    1-2.  Please login to the Windows system the Mainconsole server installed. Go to "Start". Search and find "Command Line" application with key word "cmd".


    1-3.  Key-in "ping <IP Address> -t" in order to ping the camera IP address continuously. Please be noticed that you should fill up the field <IP Address> with camera IP address information. The main purpose for the option "-t" followed with the camera IP address is to ping the IP address constantly. To leave the ping state, you can simply input a combination key with "CTRL+C".


        1-3-1.  You should not see any of successful ping command responses while the IP camera is disconnecting. If you see any of successful ping command responses, it means that there is IP address conflict issue happening. Please try to find the device with the same IP address as the IP camera is in the same Local Area Network (LAN). And remove the IP address conflict device or simply change the IP address for the device with IP address conflict issue.


        1-3-2.  With no any IP address conflict issue happening, connect the IP camera back again and run the ping command again mentioned in step 1-3. If you are able to see any ping responding replied, it means the camera is accessible. Otherwise, please check:

            1-3-2-1.  The camera has been located in the same Local Area Network (LAN) as NVR is.

            1-3-2-2.  Set the camera back to its factory default. And re-arrange the camera to be located the same LAN as NVR is and try to execute the ping command again.

                1-3-2-2-1.  If you still failed to ping the camera IP address from the NVR, please contact the camera vendor to do the camera troubleshooting.


                1-3-2-2-2.  If you sometimes see any messages telling you about "Request timed out". during pinging the camera IP address from the NVR, this means the network status is not good and causing packets dropping. Please consulting with your IT technician for network environment re-adjustment.

                1-3-2-2-3.  If you can ping camera IP address from the NVR but the camera still cannot be connected by the NVR, please contact us by sending any email to for further assistance.


2. For Crystal/Mini2/Solo/Solo_Plus product:

    2-1.  Please setup a PC into the same LAN as the camera and the NVR is.


    2-2.  Run the steps 1-1 through 1-3 sequentially.


Below has some advanced troubleshooting steps using Windows "ping" command. For your reference.

How can I check the network condition on responding any requests by using ping command?


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