Mainconsole: How to use Windows Event for checking the server environment?



When NUUO Mainconsole encounter some critical situation, such as

1. Abnormal Crash
2. Continuous Reboot
3. Network problem

Customer could use Event viewer to investigate if the reported issues are related with Windows Operation System.

當 NUUO Mainconsole 遇到一些危急情況時, 如

1. 異常崩潰
2. 連續重新開機
3. 網路問題

客戶可以使用事件檢視器來調查報告的問題是否與 Windows 作業系統相關。



1. Input "event viewer" and open up

1. 輸入 event viewer 然後執行

2. Go to windows log >> Application >>Filter current log

2. 前往 windows 事件 >> 程式 >> 篩選現在的 log

3. Filter current log>> input logged time >> Custom range

3. 篩選log, 選擇時間區段

4. Choose the time when abnormal situation occurred.

4. 選擇事件發生前後的時間


5. And then, customer could find out the error ID and corresponding description.
For example:
5.1. Event 1000 Application Error

5. 然後,客戶可以找到 事件的 error ID 以及相關的敘述
事件 1000, 程式錯誤

5.2. Event 37 Kernal-Power

5.2 事件 37, 系統電源

5.3. TCP Port connection failed

5.3 TCP 端口連線失敗


If the error is related with NUUO Mainconosle, please provide your snapshot and sent it back to NUUO technical support:

如果錯誤是跟 NUUO Mainconsole 有關連性,請提供擷取畫面並寄到我們的技術支援email 信箱


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