Mainconsole: How to use Windows Event for checking the server environment?



When NUUO Mainconsole encounter some critical situation, such as

1. Abnormal Crash
2. Continuous Reboot
3. Network problem

Customer could use Event viewer to investigate if the reported issues are related with Windows Operation System.


1. Input "event viewer" and open up

2. Go to windows log >> Application >>Filter current log

3. Filter current log>> input logged time >> Custom range

4. Choose the time when abnormal situation occurred.


5. And then, customer could find out the error ID and corresponding description.

For example:

5.1. Event 1000 Application Error

5.2. Event 37 Kernal-Power

5.3. TCP Port connection failed


If the error is related with NUUO Mainconosle, please provide your snapshot and sent it back to NUUO technical support:

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