How could I see live view and playback on MAC?


The purpose in this topic is to guide you on how to connect and see the live view and playback for NVRSolo/NVRMini2/NVRSolo_Plus in MAC OS system.


1.  Using Safari browser. Please refer to an article shown below for your reference.
How to view NVRsolo/mini2 on Safari

2.  Using NuClient MAC version on connecting with NVRSolo/NVRMini2/NVRSolo_Plus. To do this, please
    2.1  Firstly upgrade your NVR firmware version onto 3.7.0 or higher. You are able to find the download link shown below.
Latest Firmware Download Link​​

    2.2 Login to NVR webpage. Go to "Live View & Playback Service" tab in "Network Service" in "Network Setup". Remember the port number the NVR Live Streaming Server uses. Default Live Streaming Server port number is 5150.​

    2.3 Go back to our NUUO website and download MAC version NuClinet application. Please be noticed that version 3.9.0 or higher is needed.
NuClient Download Link

 2.4 Run NuClient application and login to your NVR with related IP address, port number and its authentication information.

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