[NCS] "Error reading from file" message appears when install SQL server 2005


The error message "Error reading from file" popped up when install SQL server 2005 during the setup progress.

在安裝過程中安裝 SQL server 2005 時, 出現錯誤訊息 "從檔讀取錯誤"。


The maximum characters of Windows system folder path is 260 characters. If the character length of NCS package folder path is over than 260 characters when you execute the Setup.exe, the message will pop up.

Windows 系統資料夾路徑的最大字元數為260個字元。如果 NCS 安裝資料夾路徑的字元長度超過260個字元, 當您執行 Setup.exe 時, 就將彈出此消息。


Move the NCS package folder to other shorter path folder. For example, you can move it to another hard drive direction such as D: /test/.

將 NCS 安裝資料夾移動到其他較短的路徑的資料夾。例如, 您可以將其移動到另一個硬碟機的資料夾, 如 D:/test/。

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