[NCS] Why NCS Matrix cannot show on monitor fully?


The NCS matrix cannot show on monitor fully.

NCS 矩陣電視牆不能全畫面顯示在螢幕上。


NCS Matrix supports 4:3 and 16:9 resolution ratios. If the Matrix layout resolution ratio is different from monitor, this issue will occur.

NCS 矩陣支援4:3 和16:9 的解析度比例。如果矩陣佈局解析度比與螢幕不同, 則會出現此問題。


1. Replace the suitable resolution ratio monitor as NCS Matrix layout.

2. If you don’t have another monitor, please uncheck the selection “fix the Matrix grid ratio” of NCS client Matrix configuration then NCS Matrix will fill in the monitor no matter what is the resolution ratio of it.

1. 將合適的解析度比螢幕替換為 NCS 電視牆設定。

2. 如果您沒有另一台螢幕, 請取消 NCS 用戶端矩陣配置的選擇 "修復電視網格比率", 然後 NCS 電視牆畫面將充滿螢幕, 不管它的解析度比是多少。

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