[NCS] How to adjust the indicator scale on NCS E-map?


When insert a icon to the same region on NCS E-map, the last icon will cover the previous icon due to the icon's size is too big.

當在 NCS 電子地圖上向同一區域插入圖示時, 最後一個圖示將覆蓋上一個圖示, 因為圖示的尺寸太大。


The NCS E-map indicators are too large and close.

NCS 電子地圖指示器太大和接近。


User could adjust the indicator scale through NCS client E-map setting as below snapshot. This setting also could be applied to each Map layer.

使用者可以通過 NCS 用戶端電子地圖設置調整指標刻度, 如下面的快照。此設置也可應用於每個地圖圖層。

After adjusting the scales setting, this issue could be resolved.

調整比例設置後, 可以解決此問題。

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