Crystal NuClient login failure or no video is displayed when using Windows XP or VIsta


  1. When trying to login NuClient, no video image is displayed.
  2. Client Config will show the progress bar and display following message: "Failed to connect to the Management Server due to lost network connection. Try reconnect to the Management Server"
    客戶端設置將顯示進度條並顯示以下消息:“由於網絡連接丟失,無法連接到Management 伺服器。請嘗試重新連接到Management 伺服器


1. Windows XP Professional (Service Pack 2, 3) and Vista (Service Pack 1) have a limit of 10 ongoing connections.
1. Windows XP Professional(Service Pack 2,3)和Vista(Service Pack 1)限制為10個同時連接。

2. Windows XP Home reduces this limit to 5 ongoing connections.
2. Windows XP Home 將此限制減少到5個同時進行的連接。 

3. Crystal system may encounter this problem when connecting to multiple Recording Servers, especially over WAN enrironment.

Windows OS ongoing connection list:
Windows OS正在進行的連接列表:

OS Ongoing connection count
XP Home 5
XP Professional 10
Vista SP1 10
Vista SP2 Unlimited
Server 2008 SP1 10
Server 2008 SP2 Unlimited
Win 7 Unlimited



1. Use Windows 7 to run Crystal NuClient. 
1. 使用Windows 7 執行 Crystal NuClient。

2. Wait a while after login to check if video is displayed in NuClient or the connection to the Management Server is established in Client Config.
2.登錄後請稍等片刻,檢查NuClient中是否顯示影像,或者在客戶端的設定頁面中建立與 Management 伺服器的連接。

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