[ACTi] B2 frame issue

Symptom :

Connect ACTi camera to NVR (whatever standalone or PC base), there are some symptoms happen:

1. AP client (ex: Remote live viewer, CMS client) crash after a while

2. Image shows mosaics or white/green screen


White/Green screen:

Cause :

NUUO NVR cannot recognize the B2 frame format of ACTi camera. Please disable B2 frame in camera web page "Network"(the path may be difference which depends on ACTi camera model).


1. The crash issue had been fixed on below firmware version:

Mainconsole: v6.0 (with CMS)

NVRmini2/solo/champ: v2.3

Crystal: v3.1

2. Disable B2 frame setting to solve the abnormal video display issue.

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