How to send email

How to set up SMTP server and send email?


1. Please kindly make sure that you are using LAN1. (For NVRsolo/Crystal/Titan/NVRmini2, please always connect LAN1 to the Internet)

2. Please make sure that you had set a valid Primary DNS.

3. Here is an example of using Gmail server, and its related settings.
Gmail account
SMTP Server

NOTE: To utilize Gmail SMTP server, please enable "let less secure apps use your account".
Please check detail instructions in this article:

4. After done all the SMTP settings, you can simply click on "Send Test Mail". With correct settings, the recording server will send out a test mail to related sender account.

1. The article is also applied to NUUO Mainconsole, except NVRSolo/NVRmini2/Titan/Crystal.
2. The SMTP functionality of NUUO NVR system supports mail server that supports SSL authentication only. It doesn’t support StartTLS or AUTH.
3. To confirm the authentication method a mail server supports, you can visit this link below for your reference.
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