ezNUUO error code 10008



When remote login to NVRsolo via www.eznuuo.com, error message pops up: "Tunnel connection failed. Please submit the technical inquiry at http://www.nuuo.com/eHelpdesk.php. (error code: 10008) "


The network response is slow. The P2P connection establishment is timed out.


  1. Firstly please upgrade NVRsolo to the latest version, upgrade link

  2. Please check if the network connection is good on both the NVR side and the client side. For example, please open command prompt and enter 'tracert www.eznuuo.com' on a PC in the same LAN of the NVR, and test if packets travel to www.eznuuo.com successfully:

    The tracert command tests if the routing would complete within 30 hops.
    Please also try the tracert command on the client side, and see if the routing can complete within 30 hops.

  3. If tracert does not complete within 30 hops, we would suggest that please try a different network provider. 

  4. Any further question, please fill up info required in the ezNUUO Support Form and contact NUUO via eHelpdesk. We will help you troubleshoot the issue.


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