How to set up record on camera edge motion on NVRsolo/NVRMini2/Titan

How to set up record on camera edge motion on NVRsolo/NVRMini2/Titan

1. Please make sure the camera brand and model selected are integrated by NUUO with camera edge motion supported too.
    A. To find out this information, you can go to NUUO official website and find document for "Supported cameras" accordingly.
    B. Change in between different tabs for different NUUO NVR models to get its "Supported cameras" document accordingly.
    C. In any of the "Supported Cameras" document, you are able to find out if the camera edge motion supported or not with the red mark shown in below snapshot. When "Motion" wording shown in "Edge Feature" field, it means the camera edge motion is supported.
2. At camera side, please go to your IP camera Web page to enable Motion Detection. Normally, you are able to find a camera Web sub-page for "Motion Detection" settings. Set up the "Region of interest" (ROI) window(s) for Motion Detection and enable Motion Detection functionality. Remember to simulate or test for the Motion Detection functionality. Make sure the Motion Detection functionality is working properly at the camera side first before setup using camera edge motion feature at NVR side.
3. At NVR side, please set NVRsolo/NVRMini2/Titan with Event recording.
    A. Return and login to NVR web page. Go to "Recording & Event" Setting page. Choose related camera, enable "General Motion" and click on "Save".
    B. Setup Recording Schedule: Go to "Recording & Event" page. Browse into "Recording Mode" tab. Select using "Recording by Schedule" for "Recording Mode" and click on "Save".
    C. Please go to "Motion" tab first to select and setup motion profile for camera first. In this example picture shown below, it means that Camera 2 in "Camera List" starts "Motion Recording" while Motion on Camera 2 triggered. In other words, you are able to manage Camera 2 in "Camera List" to start "Motion Recording" when other different camera Motion Event triggered too. Remember to click on "Save".
Note that if you don't select Motion first it will pop out a warning message: "Please select related motion event on [Motion] page first"
    D. Then go to "Recording Schedule" tab and choose the IP camera. Click "configure" to setup the time duration and Recording Mode, and click on OK.
    E. After that, please click on "Save" in "Recording Schedule" tab to save all your configurations.
    F. While any camera edge motion triggered, you can see log(s) shown in NVR "Log System". You can go to "NVR Event Log" tab in "Log System" page in "Management" page. Select querying duration. And select filter type using "Edge Motion" then click on "Query. You will see the query result in the list.
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