How to do the Offline Activation in Titan

How to do the Offline Activation in Titan

1. Please go to Management---> License management and follow

Step 1: Export offline.req and please save it.

2. Copy "offline.req" file to a PC connect to the Internet and do the activation.
.   For example: Copy "offline.req" on the Desktop and run "NUUO Offline License Tool".

3. And input your Serial Number then click "Activate". It will generate a "Offline_License.dll" file and please save it

4. Use this file to finish the Offline Activation on Titan.

Import SN file: If you want to activate multiple licenses, you can input licenses number to a txt file. 

Save the license file.

Choose where to save Offline_license.dll, for instance: Desktop.


4. Copy the "Offline_license.dll" file back to Titan and import the file.

It will pop up a message of the license has been successful imported.

5. Then you can see your license will show on the License List. That means your license has been activated successfully.

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