How to do the Offline Activation in Titan/Mini2/Solo series

How to do the Offline Activation in Titan/Mini2/Solo series

如何在Titan/Mini2/Solo 操作離線啟用序號

1. Please go to Management---> License management and follow

1. 請前往管理---> 序號管理頁面並依序操作以下程序

Step 1: Export offline.req and please save it.


2. Copy "offline.req" file to a PC connect to the Internet and do the activation. For example: Copy "offline.req" on the Desktop and run "NUUO Offline License Tool".

2. 將"offline.req"檔案複製到能夠存取網際網路的電腦上進行啟用程序。例如:將"offline.req"複製到電腦的桌面並執行"NUUO Offline License Tool"。

3. And input your Serial Number then click "Activate". It will generate a "Offline_License.dll" file and please save it

3. 輸入序號並點擊"Activate",一個"Offline_License.dll"便會接著產生,請予以儲存。

4. Use this file to finish the Offline Activation on Titan/Mini2/Solo series.

4. 使用"Offline_License.dll"這個檔案在Titan/Mini2/Solo 系統完成離線啟用程序。

Import SN file: If you want to activate multiple licenses, you can input licenses number to a txt file. 

Import SN file:如果你想ㄧ次啟用多筆序號時,你可以把所有的序號都輸入到一個txt的存文字檔中。

Save the license file.

儲存license file。

Choose where to save Offline_license.dll, for instance: Desktop.




4. Copy the "Offline_license.dll" file back to Titan/Mini2/Solo series and import the file.

4. 將"Offline_license.dll"這個檔案複製回Titan/Mini2/Solo 並予以匯入。

It will pop up a message of the license has been successful imported.


5. Then you can see your license will show on the License List. That means your license has been activated successfully.

5. 之後你便可以在序號列表裡看到序號資訊,亦即,你已成功啟用序號。

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