How to setup auto backup in NUUO NVR (mini2, solo, Titan)?

How to setup auto backup setting in NUUO NVR?
1. Please follow below steps to setup the FTP server first.
The FTP server setup concept is very similar in NVRmini2, NVRsolo and Titan NVR.
Here is an example of setup the FTP server in Titan NVR.

Step 1. Please go to "RAID & File System > Auto Backup Management" and input your FTP address and username /password.

Step 2. Then click the "Test FTP" button to test the FTP server is available or not.And it will show that the FTP server is connected successfully.
Note: please make sure you have entered the correct username and password.

2. Please setup the autp backup setting as below:
Please go to "RAID & File System > Auto Backup Management" to enable the Auto Backup. You could setup the Daily Backup Time. As below pic if you set the Daily Backup Time: 8:00 then it will start to so the backup process every eight o'clock.
Also, you could choose the period you want to backup. (for example the working hours: 9:00- 18:00)
  • Start Time: The start time of recorded video of the previous date. 
  • End Time: The end time of recorded video of the previous date.

Then choose the cameras you want to backup.

Note: There is an known issue before firmware 3.6 of NVRmini2/solo/solo plus. The FTP server test is successful but the recording data cannot be sent to the FTP server. This issue will be fixed on firmware 3.6 and above version.
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