NVRsolo shows Manual(Emergency) Record but it should be recording on motion


The Camera Status shows “manual record” on the web page of NVRsolo though it is configured to record on motion.


The camera recording status can go back to "record by schedule"(please see image below) if a monitor is connected to the NVRsolo, and the local display is changed to live video mode.

This usually happens on NVRsolos without monitor connected to the local display port. If the user reboots the NVRsolo but does not login on local display, the NVR will go into manual recording mode.


[Root Cause]

There are two possible reasons:

1. The "Emergency record" button was clicked accidentally on local display. It must be canceled on local display again. There is no way to reset this option on the web page of the NVR.

​2. The local display of the NVRsolo does not stay at "live view" mode (for example, login dialog, or playback)

The NVRsolo can decode videos and afterward detects motions only when its local display is at “live view mode”. This is because of the design of the hardware.

Therefore, if the local display stays at the other mode (such as the login dialog, please refer to the image below), video decoding is stopped, so that there is no motion detection. To avoid recording loss, the NVRsolo will go into “manual record”/”emergency record” in this situation regardless of the recording configuration.


1. Please connect a monitor to the NVRsolo, and go to the live video mode.
2. The recording mode should go back to "record on motion" if this is the previously configured mode.
3. Please disable the "Emergency Record" button.

4. To remove the monitor connected to this NVRsolo, and to avoid this issue in the future, please go to Main Menu > System > System settings:

Please go to the General Tab, please disable “Local Authentication,” then NVRsolo will directly go to live video without user login.


Also, please kindly remember to select a time out duration (30 - 600 seconds) for playback (please refer to the image below).

5. Please note:
If it is impossible to connect a monitor to the NVR, please provide remote access (ex: Team viewer, Anydesk) and contact NUUO Tech Support, we will help you to recover the recording mode.




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