Use iperf3 to measure your network bandwidth



The iperf3 tool is very useful to measure your system network bandwidth from NVR server to client.


1. Download iperf3

Please download Windows version iperf3, iperf3 support most popular platform.

2. In NVR side, setup a testing server 

Mainconsole can setup software on the server, if you are running mini2, solo, crystal or other NUUO non- windows based products, please setup a windows server to connect to same switch that NVR connect to.

# If you are going to test bandwidth over WAN network, remember to setup Public IP with port forwarding on router to forward packets to your (testing)server.



3.Perform test

1. In the downloaded folder, execute iperf3.exe -s 
It will start to listen to the client connection, the default port is 5201 (it requires firewall disabled)

2. The client site can add some parameter to get filtered result.
Regular command.
Ipert3.exe -c  [server ip address ] - t 30 
If it can reach the server and build a tunnel, it will start to test for 30 seconds by this command.


After you finished the process, you will get the bandwidth between 2 devices. For this case, this example gets 90.2 Mbit per second.

If your video throughput is very close to the test result, it may not be enough, please reduce a few channels to verify the result again.

If you still have problem, please send your testing result to NUUO FAE. We will analyze your issue.



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