How can I check the camera compatibility with NUUO products?



How can I check the camera compatibility with NUUO products?



You are able to find out useful information from our NUUO official website. Please connect to the webpage shown below.

Supported Camera list


From the webpage you can see NUUO products have been listed on the top.


By selecting and clicking on different NUUO product, it will lead you to related sub-page. In this sub-page, you can find a download link which will guide you to receive a "Camera Supported Document".


From this document, you are able to find some useful information. Also, you can find the camera tested firmware version, and the NUUO DevicePack version that the camera firmware had been integrated and supported.

Please be noticed that it is very important to match the camera tested firmware version to our NUUO DevicePack version shown on the list. This is because the camera had been tested and passed our QA team examination. So, the camera could be claimed to be compatible and listed on the "Camera Supported Document". To refresh the camera firmware to the tested and supported version, please contact with camera vendor for this. And for refreshing our NUUO DevicePack version, you are able to find the DevicePack download link shown below.

NUUO DevicePack download link

But, please be noticed that:

1. DevicePack can not be downgraded to previous version. If you still require to downgrade the DevicePack version, you are able to achieve this purpose by downgrading NVR firmware first. Every NVR firmware comes with its own default DevicePack version. If you are not sure about the possibility on downgrading NVR firmware to certain version, please feel free to send an email to on contacting us.

2. Must install Mainconsole software before install DevicePack.

3. NVRmini2 can not be downgraded to DevicePack version 1.19 with NVRmini2 firmware version 1.5.0.

4. TitanNVR NT-4040(R) and NT-8040R can not be downgraded to DevicePack version 1.19 with TitanNVR firmware version 1.3.0.


The newer DevicePack should be compatible with previous version. So, please refresh the camera firmware to the tested version and try with existing or newer DevicePack version. And see if you are able to get the camera connected. Otherwise, please kindly send an email to Our technical support will help you out on the troubleshooting then.

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