[NuFace] Cannot activate NuFace license


Error pops up when activating NuFace license.
啟動 NuFace 許可證時彈出錯誤。
[Root cause]
Please find detail error message in the "License.log" in the NuFace application folder. Please see image below:
請在 NuFace 應用程式資料夾的 "License.log" 中查找詳細錯誤資訊。請參見下面的圖像:
Error messages:
For No. 5 to 7, they are network issue. Possible reasons of network issue:
1. Failed to connect to the NuFace license server.
2. Time zone or time is incorrect.
3. Firewall or anti-virus software intercepts the network packet.
4. Used a proxy server to connect to the Internet.
Please refer to below solutions to solve it. 
對於5到 7, 它們是網路問題。網路問題的可能原因:
1. 無法連接到 NuFace 許可證伺服器。
2. 時區或時間不正確。
3. 防火牆或防毒軟體攔截網路資料包。
4. 使用代理伺服器連接到互聯網。
1. Please use attached tool(Tracert_LicenseServer.zip) to verify the connection to the license server.
2. Check time zone and date/time are correct.
3. Disable Firewall or anti-virus temporarily.
4. Disable proxy server. Connect to Internet via individual network or 4G network. 
1. 請使用附加工具 (Tracert_LicenseServer) 驗證與許可證伺服器的連接。
2. 檢查時區和日期/時間是否正確。
3. 暫時禁用防火牆或防病毒。
4. 禁用代理伺服器。通過單個網路或4G 網路連接到 Internet。
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