How to batch upload many face images to NuFace?

How to batch upload many face images to NuFace?
Please refer to below steps to see if you can import the database to NuFace.
Step 1: Create a folder and copy the face files (*.jpeg) to this folder. There are maximum 10 photos in one folder.
Note: The folder name have to be setup in English.
Step 2: Copy the folders to \NuFace v2.0\Input folder.
Step 3: Edit "inputSetting.txt" to setup folder name(FOLDER) and ID(NAME) of the folder. Below is an example:
:FOLDER= Test1
:NAME= Test11
:FOLDER= Test2
:NAME= Test21
  • The 'FOLDER" name have to be setup in English, "NAME" could be setup in Chinese.
  • Only need to type one ":END" in the end of the file.
  • Need to type a "space" before "="  
  • Please save the inputSetting.txt as "Unicode" format instead of "ANSI". 
Step 4: Open web browser (IE or Chrome), type below command on URL column and press "Enter" to import the photo and user profile.​
If upload successful, the web will show "Complete" word on web page.
Note: Port 4097 is for web command, port 4098 is for metadata transmission. The command need to use port 4097.
Step 5: Go to "Regist > Register Database" to check the image is uploaded successful.
Note: This function is available on NuFace 2.0.3 and above version
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