"No Face Registered" shows on the NuFace


"No Face Registered" pops out while importing the face pictures for the NuFace database.


Main Causes

  1. The system could not detect a face in the picture because the size of the face does not meet requirement.
  2. The resolution of the photo is too high.
  3. The face in the photo is not clear enough, the face is tilted, or the shape of the face was distorted. 


  1. Make sure the face size in the photo is larger than the detection size in the NuFace. For example, if the setting of the detection size in NuFace is 20 Pixels (please see the image below), please make sure that the face is larger than 20x20 in the photo.
  2. The resolution of the imported picture should be lower than 4096*4096. 
  3. Please make the faces appear in the center region of the camera, and up right. Tilted faces may not be detected. Please try a different lens if distortion is obvious.


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