Receiving plain text metadata (e.g. ASCII strings) via TCP connection

Customer’s question:

We have a client which requires Access Control to be integrated with CCTV System. The VMS suppliers usually charge a license fee for the ability to pick up the ASCII strings, this is usually called “POS” integration within their system features.  Kindly confirm if this can be done from NUUO?


Yes this can be done. NUUO Mainconsole and Crystal can receive metadata from Access Control, POS, LPR systems which transmit plain text strings via TCP connection.

Take Mainconsole for example, below licenses and plugins are needed:

 (a) A license to add IP cameras in Mainconsole; or a DVR card for analog cameras.

 (b) A license to enable TCP connection feature in Mainconsole. Please refer to the part number list for proper license types for Access Control, POS, LPR systems.

 (c) The TCP connection plugin. The plugin is an adapter which connects Mainconsole and the access control (or POS, LPR) system. This plugin will be available after activating the TCP connection license.


In terms of Crystal, the needed licenses and plugins are very similar:

 (a) A license to add IP camera in Crystal

 (b) A license to enable TCP connection in Crystal

 (c) The TCP connection plugins for Crystal. Please download the plugins here:


General concept of configuration of metadata application:
 (a) Add a metadata source 
 (b) Add metadata channels
 (c) Create a proper tag filter, define Transaction Start and Transaction End
 (d) Select an associated camera for text overlay
 (e) Specify keywords you are interested, and define events and notifications when keywords are detected in the metadata

Please contact technical support for further questions.


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