How can I check if the camera is ONVIF supported? And how can I get the camera connected via ONVIF protocol?


How can I check if the camera is ONVIF supported? And how can I get the camera connected via ONVIF protocol?



1.  Check if camera supports ONVIF

    1-1.  Ask camera vendor

    1-2.  Find information on ONVIF official website

        1-2-1.  Go to conformant products page

        1-2-2.  Search and match any product

        1-2-3.  Ensure camera found and supports Profile S

        1-2-4.  Click Declaration of Conformance report to make sure ONVIF test tool version tested

        1-2-5.  Alternative ONVIF conformance troubleshooting article

        1-2-6.  Circumstances camera doesn't support ONVIF

            1-2-6-1.  Cannot find camera brand

            1-2-6-2.  Cannot find camera model 

            1-2-6-3.  Camera doesn't support Profile S

            1-2-6-4.  Camera model didn't passed ONVIF Device Test Tool version 12.06 (or higher version)

    1-3.  Camera supports ONVIF but failed to connect

        1-3-1.  Make sure camera enabled ONVIF

        1-3-2.  Upgrade NVR DevicePack version

        1-3-3.  Use ONVIF protocol 

        1-3-4.  Upgrade camera firmware version 

        1-3-5.  Contact us



The purpose for below steps is to exam and test if camera supports ONVIF protocol or not. The purpose is also to test if the camera is able to transmit any RTSP streaming out normally via ONVIF. Please find steps shown below.

1.  Double confirm that the camera itself supports ONVIF protocol. To check this, you can try:

    1-1.  Ask the camera vendor about this information. And also please make sure you'd got the ONVIF official Test Tool conformance version for the camera. For NUUO products, we require the camera to support Profile S with at least ONVIF official Test Tool version 12.06 conformance.


    1-2.  Go to ONVIF official website. You can find it in below link.

ONVIF official website

            1-2-1.  Find the link to the search page for any conformant products. The webpage might be changed or re-constructed. Below snapshot is an example for your reference.


            1-2-2.  Do any product search. Find any report matching to the camera brand and model.


            1-2-3.  From the page you can find the information like "the Declaration of Conformance report", "the Profile type the camera supported", "the camera features supported" and so on. Please ensure the camera supports Profile S.


            1-2-4.  Also, please click on "DoC" to the link to get the Declaration of Conformance report. In the report, please also make sure the camera had passed ONVIF Device Test Tool version 12.06 or higher.


            1-2-5.  You can also find an article shown below on helping you out do the ONVIF conformance troubleshooting.

Are my cameras supported by NUUO products via ONVIF?


            1-2-6.  If any of the result shown below matched, it means the camera doesn't support ONVIF. Please contact the camera vendor on reporting the issue then.

                1-2-6-1.  You cannot search and find the camera brand on the ONVIF webpage.


                1-2-6-2.  You cannot search and find the camera model on the ONVIF webpage.


                1-2-6-3.  The camera model doesn't support Profile S.


                1-2-6-4.  The camera model didn't tested and passed ONVIF Device Test Tool version 12.06 (or higher version).


    1-3.  If the camera supports ONVIF but you'd failed to connect it via ONVIF protocol. Please try steps shown below:

        1-3-1.  Make sure you'd enabled the camera to be allowed to connect via ONVIF. Some cameras have been designed to disable ONVIF protocol by default. Some are not. To make sure this, please kindly contact with the camera vendor about this.


        1-3-2.  Upgrade NVR DevicePack version to the latest first. To find the latest DevicePack, you can go to NUUO official website shown below accordingly.

DevicePack download link


        1-3-3.  Use ONVIF/ONVIF protocol and try if the camera is able to connect. But if the main streaming the camera provided is H.265 codec, please try using ONVIF/ONVIF17.06 instead.


        1-3-4.  Upgrade camera firmware version and try it again. Sometimes, there would have possible ONVIF related fixes done at the camera side. Upgrade camera firmware might also help.


        1-3-5.  If there is still no luck for you to get the camera connected via ONVIF protocol, you can send an email to and the system will submit a ticket for you automatically. We are able to check this issue for you then.


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