[Mainconsole] How to launch Mainconsole 64 bit?


64-bit mode does not support capture card, if you have any capture device, please contact NUUO FAE to seek other solution.



We recommend client install Mainconsole 7.x(64 bit) and above version to solve "virtual memory overrun" issue (refer to this Wiki Mainconsole pops up "virtual memory overrun" message and reboots) since the 64 bit program can use more memory than 32 bit program in 64 bit OS environment. So How to launch Mainconsole 64 bit?


Step 1: Install Mainconsole 7.0 or above version.

Step 2: Please enter the x64 directory C:\Program Files (x86)\NUUO\SCB_IP\x64 and launch the MainConsole.exe.

Step 3: If you want to launch the Main Console 64 bits when auto login, please check "Main Console" on General Setting > Setting > Startup when 64 bit Mainconsole is running.

Note: There is only one Mainconsole version can be launched in a PC at the same time.

Step 4: Run “taskmgr” from the Run Box or Start Menu to launch Task Manager.

Find the "Mainconsole.exe". The difference between 32 bit and 64 bit in task manager is as below:

Mainconsole.exe => 64 bit

Mainconsole.exe *32 => 32 bit

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