"Mainconsolse has been recovered from system error due to HDD throughput insufficient…" error message


After restarting Mainconsole, the following error message occurs:


  1. HDD throughput cannot handle total bitrate of the cameras.
  2. HDD is faulty due to bad sectors, etc.


  1. There are some solutions that can solve the throughput issue:

    (a)  Change event type from motion record to always record in order to avoid frequent motion events occurrences. Frequent motion events ocurrences might result in shattered recording data and unstable system.

    (b)   Adjust camera parameters (i.e. resolution, fps, bitrate) to cut down camera total bitrate.

    (c)   Replace a new HDD to have a better throughput.

    (d)   Increase the amount of HDD and enable “Disk Load Balancing” (DLB) function. For example, if you have four HDDs and DLB enabled, the total throughput will be about “(80Mbps x 1) + (50 Mbps x 3) = 230Mbps”. 

    (e)  Separate the cameras into different storage locations. Please see detail explanation here.

  2. Replace a new HDD, if you have found bad clusters in your current HDD using the Windows build-in "Error checking" tool.

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